About our floats

We make Avons, Wagglers, River Sticks and Bobbers in 20 different styles and 3 different colours.
All float set prices include Royal Mail Second Class delivery within the UK. If you live outside the UK, or if you'd like another delivery service, please use the form on the front page and get in touch for a postage quotation, or anything else, before placing your order.

Unless we bring it to your attention all our floats are whipped in true silk and will arrive in a soft cloth pouch within purpose made packaging.
All have several coats of varnish to seal and protect them, materials are natural and with our recognised care and precision every attempt is made to reproduce each design of float exactly as its predecessor.
Except for mother nature and her variable feathers, confidence in repeat orders is assured when you eventually tell your friends about us.

The Mission
Our vision is to provide a competitive product for the pleasure angler who wants a quality item. A quality name in his fishing box.

That was the bit you are really interested in, this is about us

Benson Mallard Handmade Floats are made by Roy and Mary Sell trying to give you the best value for your money.
All floats were, and are, designed in house; from experience, listening, and, of course, angling history (like collecting old echoes).
Attention to detail, that is what you are buying. We are not cheap but do not suffer from delusions of grandeur.

We make the floats you would like to make for yourself. It's in our blood.

The…"I don’t use it ‘cos I’m frightened to lose it" syndrome is not for us.
Handmade floats do not need to be at such a price you are frightened to use them at the scary peg and do not need to just look good in your box; they'll not catch fish in there.

Although individual floats are there for you we concentrate on sets. However, if there is anything in the individual floats page you would prefer to see in a set, email us with your choice and we will quote you a price and delivery. The same goes for our boxes.

"A man with a new idea is a crank until it succeeds."

You deserve the peace of mind when paying that little bit extra for your kit. Benson Mallard gives you that. Getting the best value for your money.

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